Meet The Artist : Deante Howard

Deante Howard: Artist, Father, and More.

Deante “Deecor” Howard wears many hats – artist, designer, entrepreneur, father, husband, and a proud Kansas City native.

His Creative Journey

Art and sports have been are his lifelong passions. Growing up in a challenging neighborhood, art became his refuge when sports weren't readily accessible. Youth teams were scarce, and his dad, a single parent of four, had to prioritize. Then, at 13, he underwent neck surgery, ending any high school sports dreams. During recovery, he channeled his energy into honing his art skills.

From Sales to Art

For most of Deante’s career, he held jobs in sales, but in 2021, everything changed. He finally started sharing his art online and relatively soon after that, he received a few requests for his unique and vivid style. In January 2022, a layoff from his job prompted him to treat his art as a full-time endeavor. He would set his alarm, get up and get focused like he was clocking in, and dedicated himself five days a week. Within a few weeks, he’d built a substantial body of work, and it was time to share it with the world.

A Journey of Resilience

His  journey hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, but he wouldn't trade the challenges for anything. They've molded him as an artist, a designer, a businessman, and an example to his 4( now 5 ) kids about resilience and overcoming obstacles.

Milestones Along the Way

He has been fortunate to reach remarkable milestones since going full time in Jan of 2022. Some call it luck, but he says luck is when skill and preparation meets opportunity…he sharpened his skills, he stayed prepared and when opportunity isn’t knocking, he goes to find it. From creating artwork for the NFL during draft week to contributing pieces for charity fundraisers, he has been able to travel and do art in 3 countries and has shipped artwork to ten more. He has created original works for TV stars like Walter Jones (the original Black Power Ranger), athletes like Ronald Acuña Jr of the Atlanta Braves, musicians like Lady London, and corporations like New Life Centers and IMC Trading. His art has seen recognition in the U.S. Times, his fashion work in a Vogue Newsletter and he even had a brief feature on the Tamron Hall show.

Connecting with You

One of the greatest joys of his journey has been connecting with individuals, both famous and not, at art shows, card shows, pop-up events, and online. He is excited to use his skills, creativity, and talents to serve you.

His last sentiment for those who are still here and have supported him along the way.

“Thank you for joining me on this incredible adventure. Feel free to explore my art & fashion and reach out to me for any inquiries, collaborations, or just a chat. I look forward to connecting with you and sharing the magic of art. Always remember, it is the hustle that makes the dream the reality ”