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Wakanda Forever- 1 of 1 Card

Wakanda Forever- 1 of 1 Card

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For Day 30 of the 100 day challenge, I have made a piece of Black Panther

This piece is Custom Trading Card, it comes in a slab with a custom label. This is 1 of 5 variants. Each piece will feature the same artwork but will be unique, making each a 1 of 1. This one has a cosmic like , fractured background, with gold leaf and a hand placed overlay.

I Started the 100 Days of Art challenge on 5/16/23 I will be  sharing and selling those pieces right here. They will be viewable here for up to 10 days after the challenge is over. (Sept 3rd, 2023) However, I am making regular post of the challenge on my social media channels. @howard.d.artist on Instagram @deante_howard on twitter and Deante Howard on Facebook 

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