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Patrick Mahomes #15 - Open Edition Prints

Patrick Mahomes #15 - Open Edition Prints

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I call this series, “It’s A Numbers Game.” In contrast to the busyness and contrasting colors you typically see from my artwork, these pieces are relatively more simple. This Piece Features Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, with his jersey number behind him

Each piece features an athlete that, to me, embodies some or all of the following characteristics; Tenacious, Resilient, Disciplined, Passionate, Competitive, Confident, Adaptable, Focused! These are all traits that, growing up, I drew unto myself from watching my favorite players and learning their stories growing up. Watching these athletes helped shape me into the man I am today!

The paper and ink used matters so we only use premium, acid free, Cold pressed watercolor paper with pigment based inks so that you get vivid, long lasting, gallery quality prints every time. You can see and feel the different!

The Prints are signed by the artist.

Prints are not limited in quantity but they are only available for a limited time, so get them while you can!

Unframed prints will come rolled in a tube.

All framed prints will have a 2in white mat, so, including the frame, you will want to add 6 inches to both sides for total size. (If print is 12in x 15in, total size will be about 18in x 21in)

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