Your step-by-step guide on how to commission a piece of art.

Step 1: Pick your perfect size

The following prices are in United States Dollars.

Price range is average for that size. Actual quote could be higher or lower depending on what is desired and level of detail.  More people, detailed background, more realism means higher cost. More abstract, less detsils, no figures means lower cost.

Small Medium Large Extra Large
 $2400 $5000 $8000 $15000
16in x 24in 24in x 36in 32in x 48in 40in x 60in
Plus World Wide Shipping Plus World Wide Shipping Plus Shipping (USA, Canada, Mexico) Global available for rolled Canvas -contact for more detail Plus Shipping (USA Only) Global available for rolled Canvas -contact for more detail
Enquire  Enquire  Enquire  Enquire 

The cost of the portrait includes:

✔ Help and guidance with choosing the perfect reference photo.

✔ Only the highest quality materials are used to produce your portrait.

✔ Progress pictures of your commissioned artwork.

✔ Portraits are Stretched and Gallery Wrapped around 1.5in thick pine wood stretcher bars

✔ A certificate of authenticity and artwork care guide is included.

✔ Piece will come framed and ready to hang upon arrival.

Shipping will be charged after the completion of the portrait when it has been packed, measured and weighed. For an approximate shipping cost, please ask.

Step 2 : Contact me to discuss

Please contact me with any questions you may have, or you can check out my FAQs page.

I am really looking forward to chatting with you about your special commission.

If you don’t receive a reply from me within 48 hours, be sure to check your junk mail. If there is no email from me, email me directly at or a private message via Instagram or Facebook.

Step 3: Know Your Payment Options

  • Pay using PayPal, Debit or Credit card, CashApp or Bank Transfer.

  • A 50% deposit is required to get on the wait list.

  • You can split the total into 6 monthly installments.

  • Or pay in full upfront.

Please read my terms and conditions for more information on payment, returns and cancellations.

Step 4 : Choosing Your Perfect Photo

Now that you are on my waiting list you have some time to choose the perfect picture if you haven’t done so already. If you are doing a known person (Professional Athlete, Actor, Entertainer, etc) and would like me to choose the reference picture for you, just let me know and I will take care for you. Check out my photo guide to help you choose or email me as many pictures as you like and I can help you.

How to choose the perfect picture for your portrait commission:

Reference Photo vs Painting

When looking through your pictures and or finding one online of your favorite athlete, entertainer, wild life, family and pets, or if you are taking a new picture yourself, there are a few key things to consider:

  1. Good Lighting – is your picture light enough to see your subject?

  2. True colors – does the picture show the true colors of your subject?

  3. Visible Details – does the picture show the details that are important for me to capture? 

  4. A good distance from the camera – is your subject too far away and hard to see?

Capturing Personality

Try finding a photograph of your subject in action doing something they love to capture their personality. If they are known for dunking lets do a great dunk photo, QB are great pre throw. Any thing that captures and energetic vibe. You know your subject best, so just keep in mind their personality when trying to get that perfect reference photo!


Subjects That Have Passed Away

If you are looking at commissioning a portrait of a subject that has sadly passed away I understand you may have limited photos available, but please don't worry - send me as many photos as you can and we can work through them together. I will need to see photos of subjects that have passed before I accept your commission, so I can check if I can work from your photos.


Here For Advice

If you are having trouble choosing a reference picture of your subject then please feel free to send me a selection and we can discuss together which would be good for creating your custom portrait. Don't worry I am always happy to help and give you the very best advice that I can. I will always review and discuss your photos with you when ordering a commission. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any more help, or if you wish to ask any questions. Feel free to send me as many photos as you like, with no obligation at all - my advice is always free.


Multiple subjects On One Page

If you would like a ‘family portrait’ drawn are a “team portrait” with many players altogether but can’t get a picture of them all together then don’t worry! With the right selection of photos, I will be able to draw them all together for you. The example below shows how I have painted a collage of KS/MO sports figures together from 10 separate photos. Or, you can have a more traditional style of a portrait with just head an neck poses. If you would like any of these options or need help choosing the right photo then please contact me and we can discuss the best picture selection together. Multiple subjects can effect the cost.

Step 5: Watching Your Portrait Come To Life

I will email you just before I start your portrait so you can watch the progress on my Facebook Page and Instagram Page .


Once I have completed the portrait and you are happy with it I will frame it, extend some art elements to the frame, pack it with the Certificate of Authenticity and send it to you.


A stunning way to finish your art off is to have your portrait framed with a backing board. All my frames are deep cut floater frames,  to give your portrait more depth and give the illusion that the canvas is floating in the middle of the frame. The canvas is 100% acid-free, but it is also varnished with my unique mix of gloss and matte varnish, that to both enhance the aesthetic as well as guarantee protection and longevity of your portrait, guarding against staining, peeling, cracking and fading. 

All portraits are framed with a hanging wire attached so it’s ready to display upon delivery. The default frame is an oak frame and by default I will extend part of the painting on to the frame. You can also choose from walnut, gold, black or white. You can also opt to not have the frame painted on at all. Please let me know if you have a preference or would like to see mock ups.



Step 7. Packing & Delivery

Once the portrait is packed and weighed you will then be invoiced for delivery and any remaining balance. Delivery can take 3 to 7 working days depending on your country and will be fully tracked with USPS or UPS.

Step 8. Leave A Review

The best part of my job is hearing from you! When you have safely received your portrait, let me know what you think!

Broderic Thomas - NBA Player

BIG SHOUT OUT to Deante Howard the man is a beast with the art... 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥SHEESH . - Broderic T

Eagles Mural

“Thank you so much, I am more than delighted with this Mural. You are so talented.” Freddy R 

Jerry Rice Portrait 

 "This piece is amazing and Rice ABSOLUTELY loved your artwork...his words.. " dayyum that's nice"...and so did a ton of peeps at the show. His assistants wanted your information for marketing. Hope you didnt mind me giving it to them. And yes, I am being serious." - David  G -

Lady London's Portrait

OMG It is PERFECT!! This is so amazing, I absolutely love it! Opening this box made my day and now I can have it right in my foyer so I can see it and brighten up my day every time I come home or right as I leave  - Lady London

Salisbury Mascot portrait

"Thank you so much Deante for bringing my wife and I college mascot to life on canvas with this vicious artwork for the bar. Told him what I was looking for and he put his creativity to work effortlessly. Thanks again Brotha. Couldn’t be more happy with the outcome." Jay E

The Extended Experience - Optional Step 9

Marcel wearing a T Shirt from a Pacheco Painting

For an additional $200 you can also receive:

✔ A fine art print of your commission art work. the print will be on 16in x 24in premium, acid free, gallery quality watercolor paper with archival grade inks to ensure that the print last for generations . This is the perfect addition if you want to gift the portrait to someone and retain the copy, or the other way around!


✔ A white or black t-shirt with your artwork on it, from sizes S to XXXL. Why let your walls have all the fun. This wearable version of your art work makes a great gift as well.

Please let me know if you would like this addition to your commission.